We’re only human





Our team came together naturally. Four seasoned professionals with a shared goal, to offer exceptional branding and strategy services for clients wanting something more from a design group. Design is just the beginning. Content, marketing strategy and technology are all essential to a brand’s success. We know how we feel about our brand, Human Identity. It’s our baby. We know you feel the same way about your brand. Everything we do centers on this shared idea. It’s simple. It’s authentic. It’s decidedly human.



cody human

Owner / Creative Director

Cody is an award-winning graphic designer living in Boise, Idaho. A graduate of Boise State University’s Graphic Design program, she specializes in comprehensive brand design, including; logos, print-based design products (brochures, flyers, annual reports, etc.) signage and web design. Cody also creates digital art for global communities. Cody has more than 15 years of experience in marketing and design. Besides being super talented hip-hop dancer (no really, check it out), she spends her days working hard, so you can breathe easy.

meghan levi

Partner / Creative Writing & Content Creation

Meghan has a Ph.D. and a knack for telling it straight. Over the past 15 years, she has authored countless pieces, from non-profit annual reports to naming products to full length nonfiction manuscripts. Years of varied writing projects have helped her create a writing style that is perfectly suited to brand storytelling. Meghan can get to the heart of a client’s message and craft a story that is uncluttered by buzzwords and jargon, presenting an authentic brand creation experience. She is a bit of a cerebral wanderer, you can often find her at various classes, presentations, forums, etc., in and around Boise. Heard of something unique or weird going on in town? Meghan was probably there.

Keegan Dougherty

Partner / Web Designer

Keegan is an IT professional with over 14 years of experience supporting a diverse set of clients – from professional soccer teams to mom and pop shops. He has that rare gift of easily absorbing new technologies and being able to explain them to the rest of us, it’s great for business AND party tricks. Keegan builds beautiful websites for our clients and best of all, makes the process quick and painless for everyone involved. He is our problem-solver, gadget-guru, and resident juggler.

kellie wirth

Partner / Chief Marketing Strategist

Kellie has spent 15 years experience helping clients refine their message and engage their audiences. She began her career in health promotion and decided to complete her Masters degree in marketing and advertising to compete with big business in getting consumers’ attention. She uses her background in sales and marketing alongside her experience in behavior change and consumer behavior habits to build high-impact campaigns and content for our clients. She feels like she would be on the Olympic team if grocery shopping and keeping a tight/loose scene were sanctioned events.